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Family First:
Because They are Incredibly Talented and They Also Help Me to Do Laundry
"B" Stings
My mother, "B" Gordon, is an outspoken and audacious wit. An accomplished essayist and short story teller.

All Things Reasonable...except the ones I forgot
My husband, Mike Adams, envisions a world where we all live up to the values we say we hold most dear. His blog is about ideas and experiences.

Photo Credit: Flickr by John A. Ward

My Tribe: 
These People Make Me Keep Punching My Key Pad Day After Day, Inspired by Their Example

"Out of the corner of your eye is where the magic happens." (A writer's haven of wordplay and Moment.)

Southern Fried Children (@sofriedchildren)
A master of character and storytelling. Catch her before she's famous.

Jessica Banks Schools You (@ProfBanks)
"Jessica Banks is a) wife, mother, historian, and geek; b) occasionally pink-haired; c) currently working for Atlas Games and PTO president at Chelsea Heights Elementary in St. Paul, MN; or d) mostly insane."

Word Nerd Speaks (@wordnerdspeaks)
"I'm kinda nerdy, happily wordy and bookishly dorkalicious."

Masked Mom
"Wisdom can sneak up on you when you least expect it. If you're not paying attention and catch it out of the corner of your eye, you might think it's a spider and squish it flat..."

Feeding the Cat
"Not about feeding the cat." (Illustrated with original pictures!)

Kicking Corners (@kickingcorners)
"...My daily fight to write..."

Buttons are Not Currency @nellievaughn
"A girl likes pie before she learns to love it. A woman has graduated to cake and wine. I like pie."

Angela Parson Myers
"Author of "When the Moon Is Gibbous and Waxing.'As AH Myers, author of 'The Treasure Hunt', 'The Power Plant,' 'All on a Summer's Day,' and 'Night Speaks,'  short stories and collections available for Kindle and Nook."

The M Half of the M-n-J Show (@TheMHalf)
"Doing my part to keep Austin weird. I write because it's cheap therapy."

Diary of an Even Fatter Girl (@jennneil)
"I'm fat. I'm tired of being fat." (Funny and self-revealing like a very best friend.)

Jane in Her Infinite Wisdom (@janeymcjanerson)
"I'm a 30-something serial blogger, serially single, and addicted to cereal."

Coffee and Spellcheck
"Life unedited, with a pot of coffee...or two."

Momo Fali (@MomoFali)
"Forget your troubles; come read about mine."

Four Under 4 (Plus Two)
"Organized chaos with a humorous twist."

Alphabet Salad (@ABCSalad)
"...an eclectic assortment of rants and ramblings."

Frazzled & Frumpy (@frazzledJules)
"I'm a wife to one and mother of seven. I write, I craft and, sometimes, I clean. I'm a recovering diet-Coke-aholic, an occasional exerciser and a wanna-be health nut. When I grow up, I hope to be a published author."

Monday Morning Musings (@BehavioralChild)
"Life is too short to stay quiet."

Papa is a Preacher (@TheGirlWrites)
"Anywhere with Jesus." (Amazing images!)

Just a Mum
"I am a stay at home mum with two amazing little girls. Beege is 6 and Keebee is 3. They keep me on my toes and don't give me time for much else. Oh, and there's a husband around here somewhere too."

My Simple Life in Appalachia
Amazing images and moments of a beautiful life!

The Story
"...My thoughts, nothing more."

Tea Leaves
"I live in Providence with my wonderful husband of 19 years and our dog, Honey. I work for myself as a freelance copyeditor specializing in psychology.  I also write and have had two pieces published."

Winnie's Inky Fingers (@winsinkyfingers)
"Paper + Ink=Bliss." (Original, beautiful paper art!)

Successfully Underacheiving
"I'm....26. Liberal. Nerdy. Crafty. Chatty. Fantastic."

Shouldn't Life Be More Than This?
"Just my thoughts, just what I was thinking at the time..."

My Wandering Mind
"The ambling of a wandering mind. The subject is determined by where that mind has gone just prior to opening up this page."

Adventures of a Middle-Aged Mom (@DarleneMAM)
"I started blogging in November 2009 and it’s been a great adventure so far. I love to tell what I hope you think is a good story. Blogging got me writing again!"

Another Space in Time (@RichardBunning)
"Author now writing speculative science fiction. "

Buttered Toast Rocks
"I'm a wife of 18 years to a Coast Guard soldier, mom to one 11th grade boy, one 9th grade girl, two spoiled rotten beagles, and one darling dachshund pomeranian."

A Writer Weaves a Tale
"For this author, creative endeavors have been sorely tested by motherhood. But also transformed, and in ways she wouldn’t have imagined – couldn’t have, without her life 'rewritten' as it has been, by her children. So linger here, to read all things weaverly, writerly and motherly."

"A place to share my writing, the process of doing so and the part of me that it comes from."

"My journey with dissociative identity disorder."

4 Hens and a Rooster (@4Hensandrooster)
"Taking names and dishing it out since 1998!"

Artisan food from farm to table with gorgeous photos.

Glorified Love Letters (@sshabein)
"These aren't reviews! All I see are glorified love letters."

The (not always) Lazy W (@thelazyw)
"Our little country home is the setting for where we live a life we always dreamed of, endure heartaches we never expected, and gobble up an abundance of love. Lessons learned, dreams fulfilled, and adventures shared."

She Lies Shattered (@glasscannon_)
"Sewing through disability."

In Search of a Title
"I am always in search of something. What did I discover today?"

Mamaturg @Mamaturg
"Musings of a dramaturg, theatre educator, wife, and mother"

OSVME @osvme
"Geek & blogger dishin' on life as a mom & photog. I enjoy long walks on the beach, kawaii anime, zombie movies & Starbucks latte's!"

An eclectic mix of excellent writing on a variety of topics.

Bright Blessings
"With my interests ranging from being pagan to wrestling and visiting multiple points between, who knows what I might be talking about on any given day."

Author of the upcoming "A Bowlful of Butterflies," an intelligent, talent blogger listed under Best Blogs of India.

Mind-Bending Beauty
Patrick M. Kelly's Project 365
Patrick's humbly stated goal is to take a new photo each day for an entire year. They are gorgeous. Go look at them.
Flower by Patrick Kelly

These People are a Big Deal and They Don't Need Me to Promote Them, but I Will Anyway because They're Awesome.

Momastery (@Momastery)
Glennon Melton says a lot of things I want to say, except much, much more beautifully. (It's a little bit irritating, actually.) When I get past that, I have to say, though, she is a light.

The Bloggess (TheBloggess)
Jenny Lawson is both the funniest woman alive and also one of the bravest. She makes crazy feel like something I can be proud of.

Chookooloonks (@Chookooloonks)
Karen Walrond is a locus of inspiration. Illustrated with her own photographs and vivid writing, she brings the humanity of experience to life.

Fodder for Your Ambiguity
The Huff Post Women @HuffPostWomen

Jezebel (@Jezebel)

Persephone Magazine (@persephone_mag)

Harpers Magazine (@Harpers)

The New York Times (@nytimes)

Pandora Poikilos (@PandoraPoikilos)

My Zimbio
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