Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm having an early midlife crisis with technicolor, knee socks and pony tails.

Today's #ReverbBroads11 prompt:Did you taste any new flavors this year? Did you love them or hate them or in between? Will you incorporate these new flavors into your life? via Bethany at


All my adult life I have tended to choose black clothes most of the time to avoid having to coordinate colors. And this year I actually embraced color. Kinda like when Dorothy first stepped into Oz.

Also I started wearing ponytails and knee socks. Because I've had undiagnosed fibromyalgia and so I have spent the last several months wondering if I am going to be sick all my life and whether I will be able to work and who I'm gonna be. I think this is my version of a midlife crisis. So, the result is copious writing, color and questionable hairstyles.

I'm just gonna go with it.

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