Saturday, January 14, 2012

We seem to have a failure to communicate here.

I have blogging for a year now, and still my family doesn't seem to have caught on to how this is supposed to work.

I read a number of good blogs (The Bloggess, Dooce, Mommy Wants Vodka just to name a few of many). I try to leave comments when I can, and so I read through many comments that are already there. In doing this, I have notably not noticed many comments originating from the blogger's husband. Instead, most of the comments are from admiring readers and sound very much like this:

"I am so touched by what you wrote here."
"I just love your writing."
"I wish I could be you."
"Will you marry me?"

That kind of thing.

But, of course my little blog is different. Instead, for instance, yesterday I receive an email which notifies me that I have received the following comments on a recent blog post:

I ask you...

Did Erma Bombeck's husband write letters to the editor questioning her remarks?

We seem to have a failure to communicate here.


  1. I wonder if my husband even remembers that I have a blog. Of course, as soon as I fly off on a Rooster Rant, you know he'd remember THAT day!

  2. Mike says he's just "more supportive" than other bloggers' husbands. True or not, that's his argument anyway. I guess this is what happens, when you blog about your spouse who also writes...

  3. OK...I'll take your advice:

    Tara, I'm so touched by what you wrote here, will you marry me?

  4. Mike, you are really pushing it. Go back to your own blog.


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