Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Frog and a Gratitude List of Sorts

I have really been very blessed since I have blogging. And I'm not just talking about the sacks of money people keep mailing me or the offers to make me famous. I'm talking mostly about the community. I was never popular before. In fact, I'm not popular now, in my real life. It's hard to be popular when you are too tired to go anywhere and all your small talk centers around subjects like duck rape and treatments for AD/HD. But you all make me feel like what I say is interesting and apropos. So thank you for allowing me to feel relevant.

O.K., in all seriousness, I am going somewhere with this and it does have some relationship to this amusing frog. I would not be able to blog at all were it not for the patient help of my father and husband who help me with all things technical, in regard to which I am totally out of my depth. I have lovely real-life friends like Kimberly and Hope and Lorien, and many more who I have not named, who read me and say supportive things. I have a mother who blogs as well and allows me to occupy a sort of mentor role despite hardly knowing what I am doing myself. I have kids that let me take their pictures and write about them, within limits. I have people who, for whatever reason, read me again and again and leave comments, which allows me to feel as if I have real interactions with adults.

For all of that, let me say a profound thank you to the Universe.

This week, I am most especially grateful for my friend Suzanne. I think I can call her a friend. We have never met in real life. I am not sure that I would actually even recognize her in real life. But we have exchanged the kind of frank and personal emails that only two friends can exchange, and so I say we are friends. Suzanne is a really talented writer. The Blogosphere is like this dizzying space filled with countless stars. So many stars you will never identify them all, never get near them. Stars and stars and stars. Among them, Suzanne is Venus. She has range. She can do snark. She can do deep. She can make you laugh, or just wonder. I have never seen her put up a post that looked like filler. Her writing is spot-on. And, for some unknown reason, our admiration is mutual.

We are exchanging pulpits, as ministers do, on February 29th for what is being called Leap Blog Day. That is why this frog is on my blog today.

Make sure you come read Wednesday. You are in for a treat.


  1. Oh, I love me some Suzanne. ;)

    I'm excited to see new bloggers and familiar ones blogging in new places.

    1. It is a lot of fun. I can't wait. I will have to take the day off and read all the cool posts in unexpected places.

  2. Who is this "Suzanne" of which you speak?! I don't recognize her! Seriously, though, I am touched by your kind words and fear that the build-up may be anti-climactic, come Leap Day.
    If ever we should meet for coffee in real life, you would be able to recognize me by ill-fitting jeans and mismatched socks. Or I'll wear a toga.

    1. I love the toga idea. Are you sure you won't come to the Erma Bombeck Writer's Conference? You could wear a toga there. I might be able to argue that you need to be allowed to come for free as sort of an emotional support person for me. Anyway, I am starting to really look forward to Leap Blog Day! :)

  3. I have a Suzanne, and we met thanks to the internet. I should tell her how much she means to me. I won't, but I should.

    1. The internet is littered with wonderful Suzannes for whom we must all give thanks.


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