Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small Things I've Noticed

Photo credit: Flickr
I love the sound of fresh coffee pouring into a ceramic cup. It sounds like salvation. 

My cat looks like he has been airbrushed by someone who illustrates absurd children's books.

The beauty of Northern New Mexico in the early morning cannot be overstated. Our sky is like a gasp followed by a Hallelujah and yet I still stay inside because it's cold and I am lazy and sore. If the sun-soaked ponderosa mountains don't call me out of my fibromyalgia hermit-hood, I suppose nothing will.

I miss the ocean when I think about it, but I almost never think about anything that I could miss. Does that mean there is something wrong with me?

I cannot sit in stillness. My legs are always tapping, my mind always roving, my fingers picking at something. But I get up in the still hours by myself so that everything else will be quiet around me, like a tranquil blanket enveloping the scurrying of one tiny mouse. That is what I do instead of meditate.

It is 7 AM Saturday morning. Everything is still quiet. Coffee is brewing. The cat has been fed. Now let the maelstrom begin.


  1. These are beautiful observations, beautifully told. And does it really get cold in New Mexico? Only in the morning? It sounds gorgeous, no wonder Georgia O'Keeffe wanted to paint there. Could you take some pictures to share with us?

    1. Yup, Northern New Mexico gets cold cold. We have snow on the ground from October to April or May, temps from low teens to forties, lower at night. I will post some pictures soon. I'm not a good photographer, so I won't do it justice, though.

  2. What a serene feeling you just gave me. I was sitting at your counter listening to the coffee and seeing the mountains out your window. I was shivering a bit and anticipating the plop sound of our coffee pouring into our cups. Thank you for this brief moment of peace. ♥

  3. Writing is a form of meditation.
    I enjoyed this peek behind your computer screen.

    Cin Cin!


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