Monday, July 23, 2012

Self-Portraits: a How-to by Margi

This third in my series of guest posts is by the wonderful Margi of the M Half of the M-n-J Show, who is well-known for her wit and sincerity, as well as the fact that she is always on vacation and yet still manages to check into the Blogosphere to read, write and give us all props. Today she is going to offer you something that you would basically never get from me: a how-to. I have to outsource to get anything useful here at FIA. I should probably just put Margi in charge.

I'm good at approximately three things. One of them is self portraits. I thought I'd share my mad skillz here with Team Ambiguity while Tara is out gallivanting around. You're welcome. I spend a lot of time on Facebook, probably too much. And I take a lot of pictures. Maybe too many. I see a lot of self portraits that are just terrible. I'm here to help those out there who are self portrait challenged learn how to do this. First, you don't want to aim too high, or you'll only get foreheads.
If you aim too low, you'll only get necks. And maybe cleavage. If that's your goal, then rock it!
Once you get the aim figured out, you need to figure out how to look at the camera. If you look too far up, we'll see up your nose. No thanks!
If you look too far down, we'll see multiple chins. Not flattering!
By the way, the close-up of your eye? So MySpace 2008. Don't do it. And if you insist, please at least clean the eye boogers out.
So let's take a look at a properly aimed self portrait.
Even better, if you're with someone with long arms, let them take the picture. They can even get the background. Now, go forth and self-portraitize!


  1. So funny! I have plenty of the shots you wrote about. I have to have someone else take my pic. Most of the time, my short arms cut my head off or I get the 3 chins..ugh.

    1. I have so many of those pictures, too! This is a recently discovered skill, and like I said, one of few. ;-)

  2. Bahaha! I stink at self-portraits. Which is why when we come back from a month long trip I have no new profile picture because I didn't take any of myself. Oh blah.

    But now after this educational post, I shall have new profile pictures that aren't necks or foreheads. Thank you!

  3. I like the one where you hold the camera high above you, point it down, and the result is that it makes a person seem alienesque in height.

  4. Ha, Tara, thank you for sharing this post, it was a barrel of fun to write.

    1. Thanks so much for writing it, Margi! It is surprisingly fun to open up your blog space and see what people do with it. I appreciate your bringing some whimsy this way.

  5. I have this weird thing...I like looking up people's noses and announcing it to them that I can see right up their nose. Reactions vary. Which may be what I'm after...the reaction not the viewing of the content.


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