Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teenagers are Amusing

My son has been saving for six months to get an iPad and, after working all summer and adding all his birthday money to that haul, he was ready to finally buy it.

At which point our internet connection got totally hosed by bad weather.

So I kept waiting for the internet to work again, but that wouldn't happen til Thursday at some point when the rejects from Comcast come to replace the equipment previously left by the even bigger rejects from Qwest. Anyway, all that aside, I finally decided that the thing to do was ask my Dad (the Macintosh genius) to order it online using Rowan's debit card. Which was fine except that, apparently we had forgotten to actually activate his card. So, Dad texted me to say that we needed to activate the card and call back to RE-activate the order.

And so on.

So, here's the fun part. I gathered all the information: Rowan's account number, the phone number to his credit union, his debit card and the order number and  had him handle the calls. I was able to say that this was so that he could develop life skills, but it is actually because I have a paranoid anxiety disorder with regard to phone calls (and freeways, but that's another story).

It sounded like this:

"WHAT? Why do I have to call? You're the one who wanted me to have Grandpa Rick order it!...Mom, that's the wrong number! Why did you give me the wrong number?...They say I have to call this other number!...(look of incredulous disgust) WHAT is THAT? ...What is muzak?...Why are they playing it? (more disgust) I don't LIKE it!...They say I have to call another number...GRRRR!!!!....What just happened? How did it activate my card just because I called? Did my phone do it? (looks at phone)....Now I have to call these people????...OK. It's done. When will it come?...Six to eight DAYS? Why so LONG? Where does it have to come FROM???"

 I am thoroughly amused.                 

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