Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Life in a Storage Locker Filled with Waterfowl Installations

ReverbBroads11 prompt: What does your office/home/bedroom tell others about you?
via Kristen

  1. I was screwing around in another room when they gave out the square footage. My house is way too fracking small. (We own a 1300 square foot half duplex for for the five of us, plus my mother every evening.) So my living room/dining room/office/den/play room looks like the room you are keeping your garage sale items the night before you take them outside. Except they never go anywhere, and I just yell at everyone, cry and then cover everything with Celtic tablecloths to hide all the clutter. Today I found a child's sock in my file tray.
  2. For reasons no one understands, my children call themselves "artists" and believe that they can display their "art" wherever they want, even if their "art" is two pieces of Scotch tape covered with green permanent marker attached with a shoelace to a milk jug, or a mutated waterfowl. If my house was a municipality, they could be arrested for this.
  3. My husband is a hoarder. You should probably call Social Services.
  4. I try really hard to make things look nice, and it just makes me look like a loser who is trying too hard. Which is what is the only conclusion one can draw when one has painted one's hallway red and cream with a magnetic wall for children's work, but there is no trim covering the exposed insulation around one's door jamb. And nothing covering the sub-floor. 
  5. And that's why we are not allowed to have people over.

The top part of the hallway. Kind of like the head of Typhon. (Rowan drew the Pegasus.)
The hideous snaky bottom: adhesive stuck onto old hardwood.
Dining room/den/living room with block play area, adjacent to my work area. SQUOOSH.

Why wouldn't it be OK to put your Mr. Potato Head with the centerpiece?
"Mom, I made it! It's a one-eyed alien duck!" We like it with the Kachinas.
Southwestern art and pipe cleaner duck...
The hanging cabinet AFTER my husband re-organized it. I am not making this up.
This Nutcracker Prince is on my work space. At least he's not a sock.


  1. The picture in the southwestern art looks like the guy is so going for the girls butt. Cool.

  2. That's great! :)If you can see the whole picture, they are joining hands, but I like the idea that he is trying to goose her better. Now it will make me giggle when I look at it.


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