Monday, June 4, 2012

See you over at Word Nerd's!

word nerd speaks 

 What if you woke one morning to find that the household cat had killed and eaten your blog?

Today I'm guest blogging over at Word Nerd Speaks for the inimitable Elizabeth Grace, so if you want to see what craziness I've cooked up on the topic of blog-eating cats, please pop over there. And, on the off chance you aren't already a fan, please check out her other work while you're at it. Beth is a great writer and also the creator of GBE2, which is a group of 270 bloggers who respond weekly to the open ended prompts that Beth creates. It's a wonderful community.

See you over at Beth's!


  1. You did it! And it was magnificent.

  2. Thank you so much for sprinkling my blog with your magic today. You rock!

  3. Read it. Loved it.
    Though, now, I may have nightmares of stray cats eating my blog.


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